Raw milk cheese from our breed of organic endangered native-Irish Moiled cows. Fresh from our farm in Co. Roscommon, Ireland, and available direct via order and in selected restaurants and cheesemongers.

Our production is seasonal, and both hard and soft cheeses are available now.

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Cloonconra Cheese


About the product...

The cheese is made from the milk of our pedigree Irish Moiled cows. Raised on our organic pastures in Cloonconra, County Roscommon, in the heart of the West of Ireland, which have been farmed by the family for over 200 years. 

This vegetarian soft cheese was made in Ireland since ancient times without animal rennet so it could be eaten on Lent and fast days. Being high in omega fats, proteins and vitamins it was a good substitute for meat.

We only make cheese when the cows are out grazing as this ensures a rich, healthy and flavoursome product. They graze on our organic pastures some of which has been designated a Special Area of Conservation because of the areas unusual mixture of alkaline and acid soils. This increases the diversity of forage available to them and this complexity comes through in the flavour of cheese. 

There are only 120 Irish Moiled cows in the Republic of Ireland and we are the only farmers milking them. They are an Ancient Irish Breed which were used to produce rich milk from marginal land. By buying this cheese you are also helping save an important living part of our culture from extinction.

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